Protecting embedded systems with minimally-invasive hardening intervention.

The aim is making more difficult for an attacker to tamper with the device and being capable of detecting intrusions.

Thanks to its modular architecture the platform is suitable for all kind of embedded device and can be tailored for on the base of the desired security level.


  • Available for ARm Cortex-M family
  • RTOS support and configuration including MPU management
  • uVisor feature to assure Security through Fully Domain Isolation
  • Basic Crypto Package and Key management:
    • Supports key size of RSA 2048
    • X.509 certificate compliant
    • PKI interaction
  • Secure Communication:
    • SSL/TLS (1.2/1.3)
  • Embedded Security Applicative Functions:
    • Secure Boot
    • Authenticated SW Update
  • Available on demand and customizable Security Applicative Functions:
    • Secure Logging
    • Secure Storage
    • Ethernet Firewall
    • CAN Firewall