Everything is connected is the new mantra for the economy of convenience. The integration of heterogeneous market is generating new opportunities but is also adding the need to protect communication, personal data and assets.


New automotive trends like Connectivity, Autonomy , Sharing and Electric are adding risk to the vehicle itself and to the entire mobility ecosystem. Cybersecurity countermeasures are enablers to a smooth and safe evolution of this business.


Remote home control and monitoring is giving more freedom and security to householder, but is also opening new potential attack vector to malicious subjects. Digital protection solutions are the answer to enable a safe evolution of the market.

Industry 4.0

Production process are becoming smarter. Connectivity and data analyses are giving new perspective to the manufacturing industry. In this scenario Business continuity is becoming a critical factor that can be compromised by external attackers.

Precision Farming

Farming is becoming an highly automated world. Continuity and security of operations are a key characteristics for this market. Protection from remote threats is a must in order to guarantee production quality and reliability of processes.

Cyber Security Incidents History