Tired to use old smartcard and want a flexible solution to protect your data?

Protect data and systems with the flexibility of wireless

Cryptoband replaces your company smartcard with a wearable, comfortable and secure device. Drivesec Cryproband guarantees the security of all your assets bringing to you the flexibility of wireless.

Cryptoband: 360 degrees security


  • Smartcard replacement
  • Unique identity guaranteed
  • 100% non-repudiation
  • Easy integration with ICT legacy systems
  • Secure access to data, systems and assets
  • Digital signature with 4096 bit length
  • EAL 5+ / FIPS-140-2 Level 2 compliant

Message from Giuseppe Faranda Cordella – CEO Drivesec


If you’ve come all the way down to here is because you understand that the safety of your business is a priority.
I bet you would not entrust the keys of your house to the first person you meet on the street before leaving for the holidays, however this is what many people do to ensure the safety of their company.
I know that every time you think about security you are reminded of the thousands of passwords that you do not remember or your company smartcard that you never find but you bring with you.
You will see that our product offers a more convenient and safer alternative.
Click the button, book your trial and enter into a new generation of security devices.
See you soon