Who we are

Drivesec srl is a cybersecurity company whose main scope is to develop products and solution to secure the Internet of Things (IoT).

Drivesec products protect the connected and digital world from cyberattacks guaranteeing a safe development of digital business

Main focus is to control and certify access to sensitive data (GDPR), certify the identity of users and validate the integrity of connected systems

Drivesec develop two type of solutions:

  • SW components to protect systems, data and communications from external attacks, that can be integrated in almost all existing IoT and digital systems (Baseline)
  • A Security requirements validation platform, whose aim is to support security by design and certification of cyber attacks resilience of Iot systems (Iotcy)

Drivesec methodology starts with the identification of vulnerabilities and risks in all connected environment, and continue with the offering of highly secure solutions to enable a safe transformation of every business in a digital one.