WESETH® is a testing automation platform, expressly designed for
cybersecurity verification of cyber-physical systems.

SETH® is designed to support the remote and automated
validation of cybersecurity requirements and control on Benches,

HIL or Proto Vehicles.

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WESETH® Architecture

WESETH®’s high-security standards allow fully autonomous requirements verification as well as the integration of human experts in the loop for penetration testing.

Customer’s hardware remains with Customer ECU, vehicle, sub-system, Hardware in the Loop systems …

Customer attaches Weseth® remote Box to target hardware which shall be tested / validated Physical connection via CAN/CANFD/ETHERNET, Bluetooth, WI-FI, USB, streaming of video, multiple Digital IOS

Cloud Based server manages the secure integration between System Under Tests and remote Users Test scripts are stored in a safe environment and are automatically loaded on the Boxes when needed.

Test Engineers describe the System Under Test; based on this, Scripts are automatically selected and loaded on the respective Box for automatic execution. Remote Users can access the System Under Test to perform penetration tests, emulate attacks, verify requirements and collect data.

WESETH® Use Cases

WESETH® implements a wide variety of use cases including:
  • Automated verification of cyber and functional requirements;

  • Remote security Assessment through Penetration Test;

  • Cooperative vulnerabilities fixing;

  • Simulation of attacks

WESETH® part of CI/CD process

Build your internal Knowledge Base

WESETH® relies on DRIVESEC’s design test scripts database, which covers multiple attack scenarios and various requirements validation tools. Execution of those test scripts is made automatic by the support of the Weseth® platform execution mechanism.

Generation of new script

Drivesec has designed an initial set of scripts, which can be executed automatically on the WESETH BOX, to cover all the requirements indicated in Annex 5 of the UNECE R 155. This initial set of scripts covers attack simulation, systems and network fuzzing and requirements testing. The scripts database is a living object, and the number of scripts increases continuously based on the number of inputs.
ZERO setup time
Weseth® is simple and can be installed by no IT staff in a matter of 1 hour, without impacting on IT infrastructure.
Weseth® can be used to connect every type of systems with any type of interface, can be programmed and can support remote controls (through Digital I/O management).
Weseth® is fully managed and monitored to guarantee security, integrity and prevent tampering.
The features and the number of potential use cases supported by Weseth® are such that a comparison with another solution is too reductive.