Weseth is an innovative platform that enables remote verification of the security posture and the effectiveness of the security countermeasures.

Weseth introduces a new model for the verification of cyber requirements of IoT systems, with multi-channel applications such as automotive controllers, manufacturing systems, home automation devices, and all connected systems in general.

Time saving & effective

Remote testing not only reduces the execution time of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, but also allows the execution of those tests in a realistic environment, zeroing set logistic and setup time.

Streamlined testing

Weseth allows Security feature testing along with non-security features (functional testing), preventing issues that can only be discovered during Penetration Testing. For our customers, this lowers costs related to last-minute redesign and limits delays on time to market.

Easier certification

Weseth also helps Customers obtain compliance certification, as it allows the traceability of vulnerability assessments and penetration test activities, making them auditable. This is particularly important for Certification Authorities that need to testify the quality and the validity of penetration tests before issuing a compliance certificate.


Weseth BOX

The BOX is an easy-to-use embedded device which exports multiple network interfaces and contains pre-installed tools for scripting, testing, and scanning.
The Customer receives one or more Boxes to connect to the remote components, test benches, manufacturing line, vehicle or other devices.
The Customer has a wide range of testing options, as the BOX can be directly connected to the IoT component to be tested using CAN / CAN FD / WIFI / BT / ETHERNET / USB, including video and audio streaming, using LTE protocol to connect to the Weseth server.


This is a facility managed directly by drivesec.
The Weseth Server implements core platform logics, including:

  • authentication
  • communication multiplexing
  • security
  • testing session logging

Weseth Web App

A one-stop shop: here’s where customers can easily and efficiently engage Cyber researchers to perform Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Test on their target device.


A remote access tool that puts the Customer in the driver’s seat and saves both time and money:

  • The Customer directly invites a cyber researcher to register on the Weseth Web App.
  • The researcher downloads the Weseth client from the Weseth Web App.
  • Via the Weseth Client, they can remotely conduct penetration testing activity.
  • Provides a realistic testing environment, reducing testing cost and time.

Use Cases

Weseth was created with the “We secure your things” slogan at heart, but thanks to its flexibility it suits several engineering fields, both in the design and the operation phase.

Remote Design and Remote Engineering

Remote Access

Weseth is a secure pipe for providing access to all engineers working remotely, allowing for more flexible as well as supporting outsourcing strategies for engineering activities

Remote Functional Testing

Weseth allows the remotization of functional product testing – used to evaluate a program’s ability to identify harmful bugs – and reduces testing costs as well as the number of test environments required.

Remote components Reflash

Weseth supports the remote reflashing of any system, component, or controller that can be provided with remote access. Weseth security features ensure a trustworthy and traceable execution of such reprogramming activities.

Remote Monitoring in Operation

Remote Analyses

A key issue in remote IoT monitoring is security, as large amounts of data about ongoing processes and operations are generated and transmitted by sensors, sometimes located in difficult to reach places. Weseth allows data to be easily collected and analyzed remotely and securely.

Remote Diagnostic and Repair

Weseth supports the activation of diagnostic routines to allow technicians to remotely perform diagnostic operations and support repairs.
Maintenance operations are therefore not limited to the working day, as technicians located in another part of the world can help solve the problem.

Remote Continuous Assessment

Weseth supports engineers and analysts with continuous resource monitoring, even during the operational phases.
Such monitoring brings benefits regarding the overall safety of procedures while also ensuring that the correct operations are being performed.

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