DRIVESEC and TUV SUD partner to assess cybersecurity of automotive process and components
DRIVESEC and TUV SUD partner to assess cybersecurity of automotive process and components

Cybersecurity is a topic with an important role to play in the design and development of automotive control units right from their earliest stages. In this context, TÜV SÜD is now embarking on a far-reaching cooperation with Italian cybersecurity company DRIVESEC. By offering Cybersecurity Assessment for Automotive Components, a service programme developed jointly by TÜV SÜD and DRIVESEC, the experts now support manufacturers of components such as controllers, software and hardware components throughout their design and development cycles. The programme of services aims at ensuring compliance with all relevant standards and regulatory acts right from the start and throughout manufacturing and operation

Drivesec wins a VTM 2020 BEST STARTUP AWARDS
Drivesec wins a VTM 2020 BEST STARTUP AWARDS

With innovative products and solutions in the VTM 2020 main topics: Vehicle Electrification, Connectivity, Vehicle Automation, Smart Mobility and Industry 4.0


Drivesec srl is a cybersecurity company whose main scope is to develop products and solution to secure the Internet of Things (IoT).


Drivesec products protect the connected and digital world from cyberattacks guaranteeing a safe development of digital business


Main focus is to control and certify access to sensitive data (GDPR), certify the identity of users and validate the integrity of connected systems


Drivesec develop two type of solutions:

  • SW components to protect systems, data and communications from external attacks, that can be integrated in almost all existing IoT and digital systems
  • Identity management devices to certify the identity of customers and workers in environment with strong security requirements


Drivesec methodology starts with the identification of vulnerabilities and risks in all connected environment, and continue with the offering of highly secure solutions to enable a safe transformation of every business in a digital one.




Everything is connected is the new mantra for the economy of convenience. The integration of heterogeneous market is generating new opportunities but is also adding the need to protect communication, personal data and assets.


New automotive trends like Connectivity, Autonomy , Sharing and Electric are adding risk to the vehicle itself and to the entire mobility ecosystem. Cybersecurity countermeasures are enablers to a smooth and safe evolution of this business.


Remote home control and monitoring is giving more freedom and security to householder, but is also opening new potential attack vector to malicious subjects. Digital protection solutions are the answer to enable a safe evolution of the market.

Industry 4.0

Production process are becoming smarter. Connectivity and data analyses are giving new perspective to the manufacturing industry. In this scenario Business continuity is becoming a critical factor that can be compromised by external attackers.

Precision Farming

Farming is becoming an highly automated world. Continuity and security of operations are a key characteristics for this market. Protection from remote threats is a must in order to guarantee production quality and reliability of processes.

Cyber Security Incidents History



DRIVESec designs solutions for the IoT space with the aim of verifing and improving third parties products checking that:

  • Resilience to external attack is guaranteed through a robust design and continuous evaluation of risks
  • Dependability from external or cooperative data sources is secured
  • System integrity is guaranteed all the time
  • Cooperative tasks performed through the exchange of internal or external signal are managed in a secure manner



Protecting embedded systems with minimally-invasive hardening intervention.

The aim is making more difficult for an attacker to tamper with the device and being capable of detecting intrusions.

Thanks to its modular architecture the platform is suitable for all kind of embedded device and can be tailored for on the base of the desired security level.



Cryptoband is a wearable system that implements identity management features with the advantage of the use of wireless technology.

Through the use of highly secure communication schemes, it solves the problem of certification/non-repudiation of operation in any industry domain.

Cryptoband also control biometric parameters to enable more broad use cases.



The methodology allows to verify the level of an already designed product and gives guidelines for the design of new products in order to reach the desired level of cybersecurity. The methodology easily adapt itself to the ever-changing world of cybersecurity risks.


Full Stack Penetration testing of Internet of Things product to evaluate the attack resilient of the device. Our testing services range from application and communication protocol to embedded hardware and software used into the product through the most advanced hacking techniques.


In order to design and implement applications with proper security requirements, a critical first step is an effective interaction with the developers to show the state of the art of secure coding principles and how they can be applied into day-to-day operations.


The concordant vision of the future industrial landscape foresees technology solutions that are always connected to infrastructure and Cloud services. It is clear that in a similar scenario cybersecurity is paramount and an essential requirement.


Giuseppe Faranda Cordella – Founder & CEO

Got a master degree in Computer Science at Turin University and he is a senior executive with an experience of over 25 years in the design and development of automotive electronics, connected car services and vehicle cybersecurity.
In his career he is been working in different roles in leading automotive companies either as an OEM or a Tier1 suppliers. In recent years he served as head of research and development and VP of infotainment for a large OEM in Europe. In the last few years he was appointed head of Vehicle Cybersecurity for leading OEM in EMEA, managing the introduction of digital protection countermeasures in connected cars.

Pasquale Buonocunto – Founder & CTO

PhD in Embedded Real-Time Systems, author of numerous publications and speaker at various international conferences. Cybersecurity independent researchers with 10+ year of experience in the following field: Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Discovery, Exploit Development and System Security. Currently, he is designing identification devices an protection mechanisms adopting the “Secure by Design” approach, based on the concept of Hardware Root of Trust and hardware-enforced domain separation.

Gianfranco Burzio – Automotive Safety & Security Advisor   

Large Experience in the automotive field, in innovation projects related to the development of advanced driver assistance systems, preventive safety functions and autonomous driving. Deep knowledge of vehicle safety regulatory framework (UN-ECE) and NCAP test and assessment protocols.