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an innovative, fully-configurable, easy-to-use  and secure system to share resources reachable via TCP/IP.

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Software solutions and consulting for Automotive and IoT markets.


About drivesec

drivesec is a cybersecurity company whose main scope is to develop products and solutions to secure the Internet of Things.

In an increasingly connected world, we aim to support companies in providing the best security solutions available by providing a wide range of services, all guaranteeing the best and secure code practices and compliance to current regulations. In addition support is made possible through our innovative platform, Weseth, which allows for a complete remotization of cybersecurity activities.
About us

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In a connected world, drivesec protects your products from cyberattacks and supports a safe development of digital business offering support and tools to achieve your targets.

Consulting on regulations and standards

Consulting on Automotive World with focus on UNECE R155 and R156 regulations about cybersecurity and software updates, with competence on standards as ISO 21434 and the relative embedded application



SW components to protect systems, data and communications from external attacks, that can be integrated in almost all existing IoT and digital systems (Baseline)


Weseth introduces a new model for the verification of security requirements of IoT systems using a remote validation platform


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