drivesec offers a variety of services, covering both the Design and the Operation phases of development.

Secure by Design Secure HW/SW Design System V alidation and T esting E-learning Penetration T est Process Re-design Threat modelling and System V ulnerability assessment Consulting on Regulation and standards

Consulting on regulations and standards

drivesec employs its expertise to facilitate Customer compliancy with new cybersecurity regulations.
Our main focus is on Automotive Cyber, with in-depth experience with UNECE R155, UNECE R156, and ISO 21434, now mandatory for new model-type approval.
Both processes and products are fully analyzed to achieve compliance with all standards and requirements, supporting the customer also in the preparation of reports.

Threat modelling and System Vulnerability assessment

drivesec can provide customers 360-degree support in the Risk Assessment Evaluation, covering all needs from the identification of threats to the new systems and product requirements.
Our A-Z approach to achieving compliancy for customers includes, for example, vulnerability assessments, cyber level status verification, and design mitigation.

Secure HW/SW Design

drivesec supports all design phases in solutions such as Secure Boot, HW Trust Anchor (HTA), HW Security Module (HSM), and Cryptolibrary. Everything, from requirement definition and architecture design to security SW development, is tailored to customer specifications.

SW Code Analysis is one of drivesec’s many competencies, a valuable step in verifying compliance with secure coding best practices.

System Validation and Testing

Thanks to Weseth, drivesec’s new remote testing platform, we provide an easier, more convenient method for the testing of product requirements and cybersecurity countermeasures during the HW/SW validation phase.


Process re-design

Cybersecurity is paramount in a future industrial landscape which encourages technology solutions that are constantly connected to online infrastructures and Cloud services.
drivesec helps companies stay ahead of the game by analyzing and redefining customer processes in line with upcoming regulation changes.

Penetration Test

Drivesec ensures customer device security by performing Penetration Testing of Internet of Things products to evaluate attack resilience.

Our comprehensive testing services, performed using the most advanced hacking techniques, range from application and communication protocol to embedded hardware and software used in the product.