• 10, October 2023

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In the automotive sector, as in many other IoT verticals, cybersecurity is becoming a prominent issue, especially now that it is also a topic of homologation.
Ensuring resilience to cyber-attacks is a complex task and requires validating vehicle security requirements or performing penetration tests. OEMs and Tier1s are requested, by legislation, to certify the application of best practice and to set up a process to continuously monitor for new vulnerabilities and threats.
At Drivesec, we have developed a platform to remotely test the resilience to cyber-attacks of new and existing vehicle models. The platform is called Weseth, and it helps to identify design issues that may lead to security leaks, increases transparency, and reduces time and cost in the validation of security requirements.
Weseth supports automatic validation of requirements and the execution of remote penetration tests either on prototype vehicles or test benches. Weseth supports OEMs and Tier1 to comply with UN Regulation 155 and ISO/SAE 21434:2021 “Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering” standard.


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